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why-iconNational Search Listings are how a webmaster submits a web site directly to the search engines to promote a web site. It is necessary because the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN use crawlers, bots, and spiders that can take up to 6 months to index your site if you leave it up to them.There are two basic reasons to submit a web site or web page to the search engines. The first reason would be to add an entirely new web site because the site operators would rather not wait up to 6 months for the search engines to discover them. The second reason is to have a web page or web site more frequently updated in the search engines.There are two basic methods still in use today that would allow a webmaster to submit their site to the search engines. They can either submit just one web page at a time, or they can submit their entire site at one time with a sitemap. However, all that a webmaster really needs to do is to submit just the home page of a web site. With just the home page, most search engines are able to crawl a site, provided that it is well designed.Web site owners desire their site to be listed in popular search engines because that is how most people access web sites.Benefits of National Search Listings:

  • Twice monthly submissions into over 250 search engines and directories
  • Reach more of your potential customers
  • Keep your site more frequently updated in the search engines
  • Save time, money and resources by letting the pros do the work
  • As your traffic increases, your cost stays the sam

One-Time Setup Fee: $300
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